Together We Roll


MCLAREN DOORS has been providing a superior alternative to the old wood and aluminum style doors since 1999. With our innovative thinking and design, we have constructed a PVC truck door that is the perfect balance between strength and flexibility. Our light weight and ergonomically friendly door is so revolutionary that it has started to change the expectations of roll-up doors in the overhead door world.

Now celebrating more that 19 years in the industry, we continue to lead the way with advancing roll-up door technology and innovations for the overhead door market.

At MCLAREN DOORS, we have made small changes along the way and even some bigger ones like our newest edition, the all new aluminum bottom panels for the 1” and 2” Streamline models and the launch of our new INSUL-LITE Series Door.

This change provides our customers with maximum strength where needed most with options for both new and retrofit door application, while maintaining our light weight and paint free roll-up door design.