“In our business, we pride ourselves on quality work and craftsmanship. The roll up doors that we purchased from MCLAREN DOORS exceeded our expectations. The quick turnaround time, customer service and professionalism received also enhances this great product and brand.”

Bud Morris
Canada's Best Store Fixtures

“MCLAREN DOORS is the first tough lightweight door system that I have worked with. I appreciate both the ease of use and lack of stress on the arm’s muscular system when pulling it down. This is a huge improvement over what we have used in the past.”

Anthony Johnson
Cloverland Green Spring Dairy since 1978

“We are very impressed with the operation of this door, and our drivers appreciate the light weight”

Skip Woods
Director of Distribution
HP Hood

“MCLAREN DOORS quality and craftsmanship is excellent. We now have approximately 100 MCLAREN DOORS (over 4 years) and our maintenance labor cost has dropped significantly since we switched to MCLAREN DOORS. This is the door of the 21st Century!”

John Delia
Fleet Manager
Cream-O-Land Dairy

“The best refrigerated roll-up doors in the market! Love them both, thank you so much!”

Danny Arango
Favors For A Price